The Ingredients for Evolution

The existence of a global communication network, sharing knowledge and ideas could not have been imagined by most but something was on the horizon. The origins of the Internet are really due to the “Cold War” and fundamental to its concept was that it should have no central control and so it can't be turned off. Tim Berners-Lee, who is generally regarded to be its inventor, clearly had no idea that it would evolve into an entirely new information eco system whose impact would be more profound than the printing press.
It has become a platform for a global consciousness, where through social networking people communicate and spread ideas and every day the number of users grows. Current figures show that 25% of the entire population of the planet areconnected –“would you connect”. China alone has 250 million on line and there are 350 million Facebook users. The internet can safely be regarded as a success. People communicate, broadcast themselves, tweet or whatever, “sending out a message”, well actually billions of them, often to strangers who they will never meet.
With the advent of laptops and mobile phones we have entered into a new era of interactive experience, where media coverage is reported live by people on the street and almost instantly posted on the net. This has presented a different perspective, for it is real and unedited.
The internet can be a tool bag for protest and so potentially a weapon of revolution. It has provided users with unparalleled access to information and when combined with freedom of speech, is regarded by some to be a threat. Connections inspire solidarity and information is power. Prior to its existence, people were limited to what could be said in public and so has forced a change that has driven transparency and made openness easy but this new found freedom that offers opportunity also requires responsibility.
The impact upon global commercial markets has been unprecedented, not just because of the success of the 'dot com millionaires' but because it has given birth to entirely new economies. It has forced many of the large corporations that controlled the media industries to collapse and created new giants in ways that could not be previously conceived.
The Internet will undoubtedly have a profound effect upon the evolution of the planet, as we know from the past that as we change our tools, the tools change us. This is the beginning.

“Wake up my friends, you can't ignore”.


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