The Box Set includes ALL of Re-Flex albums and an additional special Re-Fuse CD. Each CD features extended sleeve notes, chapters from the virtual book The Stage of History.
The Re-Fuse album represents a rare collection of tracks covering Re- Flex’s entire career, none of which appear on their other albums.  Some are alternative versions of songs and others were recorded for films including Superman IV, Over The Top, radio sessions and early videos.


01. The Politics Of Dancing (alt)
02. New Progression
03. Life's Too Dangerous
04. The Look
05. Praying To The Beat
06. King Of No One
07. Life In The Lay-By
08. Over The Top
09. Alright On The Night [V2]
10. Wizz Kid
11. Human Rights
12. Hit Line Video MIX
13. Something About You (Orig)
14. I Saw Her Standing
15. Mindless Dancing - MK BB

Movement of The Action Fraction, The Politics of Dancing, Humanication, Music Re-Action, Jamming The Broadcast, Re-Fuse