The Politics of Dancing

The classic Re-Flex record, The Politics of Dancing was originally released in 1983 by Parlophone Records in the UK and Capitol in the US. Achieving international success the record gained Re-Flex lots of new fans as both single and album became hits in many countries around the world. Produced by legendary UK John Punter who is also known for his work with Roxy Music and Japan, the album included 5 tracks released as singles.
Re-Flex supported the release with extensive touring in Europe and in America, they also produced various videos and became one of the first UK bands to be regularly featured on MTV. Vinyl copies of the album have since become very rare and in demand.
All of the tracks have been re-mastered and the CD features additional artwork and updated sleeve notes.


01. Praying To The Beat
02. Hit Line
03. Hurt
04. Couldn't Stand A Day
05. The Politics Of Dancing
06. Something About You
07. Pointless
08. Jungle
09. Sensitive
10. Keep In Touch

Movement of The Action Fraction, The Politics of Dancing, Humanication, Music Re-Action, Jamming The Broadcast, Re-Fuse