Music Re-Action

A compilation of rare tracks released while Re-Flex was signed to EMI.
During the 80’s Re-Flex were among the first UK bands to create 12” mixes to support releases and the extended version of The Politics of Dancing became the first by a UK group to top the American Dance chart.  This special CD includes versions of some of the 12” tracks Re-Flex created with some new additional recording and production by band members Paul Fishman and Baxter.
The album also features 5 tracks that are rare B sides, intended for an unreleased EP. The track Cut It was featured in the film Breakdance and released on the multi platinum soundtrack album.


01. The Politics Of Dancing 12"
02. Cut It 12"
03. Praying To The Beat 12"
04. True Lust
05. Hurt 12"
06. Hit Line 12"
07. Jungle 12"
08. What You Deserve
09. Flex It 12"
10. Cruel World

Movement of The Action Fraction, The Politics of Dancing, Humanication, Music Re-Action, Jamming The Broadcast, Re-Fuse