Movement of the Action Fraction

A collection of Re-Flex’s early studio tracks recorded with the original band members. The album includes songs that were regularly performed live during this period and some early versions of tracks that later appeared on The Politics of Dancing. Recorded in London and produced by members of the band with the assistance of Nik Launay and Rafe McKenna, Movement includes many songs that started the buzz and attracted the attention of early fans, clubs, agents, music press and radio stations. Some were performed on radio sessions or available as limited edition Flexi disc cover mounts but were never officially released.
Mindless Dancing was the first song Re-Flex rehearsed and recorded together and considered to be the starting point, anthem and state of mind. To accompany the release of the CD a new animated video has been created and can be seen in the CONNECT site or on YouTube. Videos featuring the first recordings of the band have also been made available for the tracks, “Love at First Sight” and “This Beat”.


01. Mindless Dancing
02. Bop Bop
03. Praying To The Beat (orig)
04. Love Sucks
05. Graffiti
06. Hurt (Maison Rouge)
07. Looney Tune
08. Love At First Sight
09. Alright On The Night
10. Hit Line (Orig)
11. Mechanical Music
12. Knock It
13 This Beat
14. Dub Dub Dancing

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