Jamming The Broadcast

After ending their relationship with EMI, Re-Flex commenced work writing and recording new material intended for an album entitled Jamming the Broadcast. The album represents their last period of work together and includes songs that were worked on in rehearsals but never performed live.
During this period the band began exploring new methods to create and record music and this produced a wealth of ideas and material. 14 new songs are featured on the album produced by Re-Flex, mixed by John Punter and Pete Smith.


01. Ain't Nobody
02. Down On Your Luck
03. Revolution Now
04. Wrong Decision
05. Jamming The Broadcast
06. Can You Feel it
07. Angry Man
08. Mystery
09. When Did You Stop Loving Me
10. It's Only Me
11. Recognise Yourself
12. Chain Reaction
13. Hide Your Love
14. Reach Out

Movement of The Action Fraction, The Politics of Dancing, Humanication, Music Re-Action, Jamming The Broadcast, Re-Fuse