Eagerly awaited by many fans and announced by EMI, Humanication was never officially released and has become regarded as their ‘lost album’. Rare bootlegs have since appeared but now and for the first time the album has been compiled and mastered from the original tapes.
Following the second tour of America, Re-Flex returned to the studio to work again with John Punter.  Humanication also features mixes by legendary engineer producer Bob Clearmountain and includes an appearance by Sting on the bands anthem and ecological protest song How Much Longer?
This really is the long awaited follow up album!


01. Humanication
02. Cold War
03. Tears Fall Like Rain
04. Forever And Ever
05. Playing For Time
06. How Much Longer
07. Sending Out A Message
08. Tell Her That You Love Her
09. Give It Up
10. You And I

Movement of The Action Fraction, The Politics of Dancing, Humanication, Music Re-Action, Jamming The Broadcast, Re-Fuse