How long does it take to make a record?

Possibly RE-FLEX could be considered for some sort of award for the longest time between albums but as you will find out it wasn’t that simple. Everything we have now made available on CD was recorded over 25 years ago but most of it was never edited and mastered for release. There were also a few issues regarding record companies which I won’t go into now as well as the collapse of the music industry but these things were really out of our control.
We really do appreciate the amazing support and encouragement and incredible patience from those of you who have tried to get in contact. It has taken a long time and a lot of effort to get this together but Re-Flex albums are a bit like busses - nothing then 6 turn up together! For the moment, the CDs will only be available to buy through the website but we are considering making downloads available of some tracks. We wanted to get things up and running as I really did get the point “How much longer must we wait?”


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